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Spring into Style…

It’s safe to say we have all had it with this Winter. So here is Kimera’s rundown on what’s “coming up” this Spring in hair. Taken from Runways and Red-Carpets alike…

Play the Part…
Where you part your hair can make a huge difference in how your hairstyle compliments your face. Low side parts create a diagonal line – and take the emphasis away from any asymmetry. Center parts can lengthen your face, and are a great solution to a “round” face.

Pick out a great Frame…
An accenting haircolor, either darker or lighter, can bring out your best features. Ombre and Balayage (hand-painted color) are great ways to customize color and create a personalized “frame” for your face. Choose a color that will compliment your skin tone. Think of how different Emma Stone looks as a redhead, and as a blonde.

Get Slick… or don’t.
Variations in hair textures were very popular on the runways for Spring 2015. Slick-styled wet looks were seen, as were naturally tousled waves and curls. Also popular were loose curls created with styling “wands”. Red-Carpet hair with voluminous “bombshell” waves is a great go-to style for any Spring weddings or other formal events.

Pony Up… or down.
Low ponytails are still quite popular, as are high ponytails. The key word is SLEEK. Keep the hair tight to the head, make sure the ends are shiny, and dress it up with an accessory.

It’s all about the braids, ‘bout the braids…
Braids of all varieties are being worn by models, celebrities, and just about everyone else. The key is to get playful and creative. Pull the hair off to one side and braid the lengths, or just braid the hair around the front hairline. A fun thing to try is to apply mousse to damp hair, then style it into two or more braids, and let it dry. When you release it, you’ll have soft, natural waves.

Take a Short Cut…
Not to be outdone by the flurry of stars chopping their locks - Scarlett Johansen has been sporting a close-cropped pixie. Short styles can sometimes give your more styling versatility than long hair.

In the end…
Healthy, stylish hair that flatters your features is one of the best accessories you can wear. Ask your Kimera Salon stylist which look is best for you – we’re here to help you LOVE YOUR HAIR!





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