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What are the “Hottest” Looks for Summer?

These cuts are forecasted to be the favorites of the season. All of them are easy to style, adaptable to straight and wavy textures, and grow out well so you can let the shape evolve over the summer.

A lob (long bob) that sits about an inch above the shoulder is one of this season’s hottest cuts. The slightly shorter shape will ensure that the ends flip under instead of out and make it easy to keep your hair looking great all summer.

This cut has very short hair at the sides and back which gives the hair a piecey, light weight feeling. The variations in length keep it from getting bulky when it grows out and adds styling versatility.

Loose, blended layers are just the thing for encouraging beachy texture and looking effortlessly pretty all summer. This shape works equally well on lengths that fall above or below the shoulder.

And remember, no matter what the season -- healthy, stylish hair that flatters your features is one of the best accessories you can wear. Ask your Kimera Salon stylist which look is best for you -- we’re here to help you LOVE YOUR HAIR!





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