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Fall in Style...

Fall color is everywhere. Rich reds are always a hit for autumn. To jump on the Pumpkin Spice trend, think of a soft copper ombre, or balayage, to create natural looking highlights.

Keep the ends lighter, but still vibrant, shiny, and healthy looking - with ColorSync conditioning Demi-Permanent haircolor.

Tone down platinum or washed -out looking beach blondes. Add a little depth and richness to create beige and golden blondes that will complement your skin tone, and look great with the colors of your fall wardrobe.

Low ponytails are a great way to keep your hair neat during the changing fall weather. Keep the strands polished with CHI pliable polish or Kimera's Shine Drops. Accentuate and accessorize your style with elegant clips. Give it more style with a side part or a "braid bang". (If you don’t know how to do this, ask your Kimera stylist, we will be glad to show you.)

Knots and braids can help to create playful texture without the use of irons or other thermal styling tools.

And even though summer is over, it's still a good time to make waves.

Think natural, lived-in looks that take less than 10 minutes to create. Use a wand or large iron, with StyleLink Heat Buffer. Create modern texture with Rocket Texture from Total Results.

Ask your Kimera stylist for more style ideas, techniques, and products to help you LOVE YOUR HAIR!





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